Gypsy Masqerade

Gypsy Masqerade

Monday, December 8, 2008


June said...

You are not alone lol. Mine is always in a similar condition hehehe. I pretty much have good intentions then as soon as i get it organised (huge job ) i begin to get it messy again. I think the trick is to put things back as soon as you use them but i always am so engrossed in my work i forget and then its time to cook or something and i just leave it lol. Thankfully my craftroom is just a large cupboard and i can just close the door to hide it

Hugs June x
Hugs June xxx

Lynn said...

LOL...Love yoru craft room..Messyness is a sign of a creative person! Did you know?? ha! You should see mine! Although I do need a bit of ambition most days!